Hi my name is Cedric PENET. Welcome on my web site!

I am a french engineer, married with 1 kid.

I graduated from engineering school with an Ms.C. in Electronics and Telecommunication in 2010 after 5 years of training and 6 month at the university of Adelaide.

I then spent 3 years working on my PhD thesis about Multimodal Event Detection in Movies, during which I toyed with Machine Learning algorithms. I continued on for a post doc on a slightly different matter, which was about creating generative models for surgical operation actions using a special kind of Petri Nets.

This during my post doc that my life started to take a turn. While the technical subject was really interesting, I came to the realisation that to me the most interesting parts of my job were spent creating software that enabled me to solve the problems I was asked to solve. Furthermore, I realised that, in the long run, researchers seemed to spend most of their time looking for money and telling interns and PhD candidates what to do rather than actually doing research. So I took it upon myself to study what I find interesting. I studied C++ for my needs. Then found a really awsome book by Robert Nystrom on video game design patterns, and it opened my eyes: I wanted to be programmer and I wanted to be a video game programmer!

So I studied and studied, I bought books on the matter, and I got a job as software engineer in a company that makes industrial machine vision systems called Edixia AUTOMATION. Working there helps me perfect my skills in C++ and software design as I am in charge of rewriting their entire software architecture.

In the meantime I work on side projects using Unity, and also using C++. I make small game prototypes in Unity, and small technical tests on particular technologies in C++, such as using OpenGL or VULKAN for instance.

A few links from me on the internets:

  1. A list of some of the papers I wrote or co-wrote.
  2. LinkedIn profile is here.
  3. My CV

To see what I am up to, check my blog!